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Cement Tile Roof Restoration

After inspection of your Cement Roof we will identify areas which will need repair or replacement.
Concrete Tiles will NOT last forever however restoring them will maintain them for many years to come.


The following is a step by step guide of what works will be carried out.

1. Remove all broken tiles and replace where necessary

2. High pressure water clean roof (using 3,000psi) which will remove all moss, lichens and dirt from your roof without using any harmful chemicals

3. Clean all gutters of any dirt and debris

4. Treat/Replace any severe or damaged Valley Irons

5. Carry out any repair work i.e. lead flashing

6. Strip away old cement from ridge caps and re-bed where necessary

7. Re-point Ridge caps with Flexi-point which is a rubberised compound that is applied on top of the bedding. Due to the pointing being flexible, it won't crack like conventional sand and cement pointing and will give and take with house movements.
8. Apply 1 Coat of Roof Primer /Sealer or High Build Filler depending on the condition of the roof tiles.
9. Apply 2 Coats of Roof Colour which will give your roof the protection

10. All work Guaranteed

Carrying out a complete Roof Restoration with True Blue Roof Restorations will keep your old Roof Looking Brand New!!